Forgive Me Father for I Will Sin

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Forgive Me Father For I Will Sin
Cristian Saileanu


(the 2nd book in the tetralogy about the castrati in 16th century Italy)

Those of you – and you are multitude – who read and enjoyed “The Ballad of the Blue-Eyed Castrato”, 1st novel in the 16th century Italy castrati, wrote to me or called me to ask me to bring him back to life. How can a “monster” force like Alessandro aka Ercole, settle down to marital bliss? And what kind of man would he be if he let his cousin Landolfo languish in the Todi prison? Would a rover like him die of boredom in the Swiss Alps, taking care of horses?
Deep down, in my heart of hearts, I knew all of you were right. So I sat down and went back to work.
And right away a restless Ercole left the peace and quiet of Tusan, and trekked south towards Todi and trouble, big trouble.
What trouble, you ask? That’s for you to find out.

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