Cristian Săileanu
  • GERDI – Great English-Romanian Dictionary of Idioms – Editura Coresi, ISBN 978-973-608-991-6
  • Povestea ţării care trăieşte într-o oglindă – a fairy tale to put my grandchildren (and yours) to sleep – Editura Coresi
  • Povestea uriaşului cel bâzâit – another fairy tale to put my grandchildren (and yours) to sleep – Editura Coresi
  • Witness to an Invasion – One Year in King City H.S. – novel
  • The Ballad of the Blue-Eyed Castrato – historical novel (1st in a series of castratos)
  • Forgive me, Father, for I Will Sin – historical novel (the 2nd one in a series of castratos)
  • The House of Many Children (3rd in a series of castratos)
  • A Race of Giants – historical novel (4th in a series of castratos)
  • Parcul cu scorpioni – povestiri din şanţ – novel in Romanian   
  • Ultimul glonţ al descălecătorilor – police novel  in Romanian
  • Viaţa, minunile şi învăţăturile lui Zamolxe – novel / Zamolxian life handbook
  • A Collection of Short Stories
  • Colecţie de nuvele (translation of the above)
  • Povestiri din Corfu
  • Corfu Stories (translation of the above)
  • Copiii dlui Mann – a play
  • Mr. Mann’s Children – a play (translation of the play above)
  • Manual de’ntors acasă – de la Stalingrad – long/short story in Romanian

Translation from Ion Luca Caragiale’s work:

  • A Stormy Night / O noapte furtunoasă
  • A Lost Letter / O scrisoare pierdută
  • Don Leonidas and the Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy / Conu Leonida faţă cu reacţiunea
  • Only During a Carnival / D’ale carnavalului
  • An Easter Torch / O făclie de paşti
  • 35-40 sketches and short stories / 35-40 schiţe şi nuvele


Translation from Mihail Sadoveanu’s work:

  • Anca’s Inn (Hanu Ancuţei)
  • The Hatchet (Baltagul)
  • Neamul Şoimăreştilor – unfinished

Author: Cristian M. Săileanu

Cristian Mircea Săileanu, Bucharest, January 26, 1947, born in a family of “enemies of the people”, prizefighter by need, gang-banger by choice, M.A. in English (only God knows how), married, father,  substitute teacher of English to Romanian student, dissident by conviction, but especially by accident, boxing coach, emigrant to Texas,  teacher of English in high schools, professor of English at Houston U, emigrant to California, professor of Romanian for the US spies at the Defense Language Institute (6 volumes of the curricula of learning Romanian), high school English teacher at  a Californian H.S, (4 volumes of ESL manual), divorced, re-married, 6 times  grandfather, retired, emigrant to Grecia and Spain, where he lives right now.

He lives and he writes, and he writes, and he writes…